Friday, August 21, 2009

its my party...

Baki zainal, with the guys of 15malaysia
baki zainal trying to spell "happy birthday" does birthday has a d or without the d?
baki zainal with the itv gang
baki zainal and birthday girl shu ting
besides being yummy wondermilk cupcakes are good to smoother on peoples face

its 2.30am tomorrow marks the entree to the beautiful month of Ramadhan but before i embrace this old fren i wanna up load pictures tht was taken the other day during celebrity chat. anyhows anyways it ws also shu tings birthday (shu ting is one of the beautiful girls in our itv department, she is such a sweetheart and soo i got her cupcakes (very tak original) but hey i was late and the most important part was that im sincere and she liked it..) anyways will up load more pictures now gonna try to go to bed.. bestnya nak puasa..


Lim Kong Sun said...

You Are great, Baki Zainal

Unknown said...

thank you kong sun.. but please dont say that.. for what ever i have done and i have become its all thanks to HIM up there and to all the support that i have gotten all these years..