Tuesday, August 18, 2009

P1 Malaysian Film Makers Showcase/ 15Malaysia

Baki Zainal with the backdrop
Baki Zainal hosting in the cinema

Khai's piece Healthy Paranoia.. soon to be released
thats baki zainal and alan thoo standing side by side

Yes it has finally came to life.... P1 15Malaysia is finally here to stay.. over the course of the past few months. Pete Teo came up with the idea of getting 15 malaysian directors to come up with 15 different short films talking about 15 different issues that the directors feel that our country is facing. the good people of P1 then joined on board and gave their support to this project as they believed that this is a good initiative.. and so here you have 15 malaysian made short films featuring actors, singers, politicians. in short Malaysians that believes in promoting unity.. for more information do log on to www.p1.cm.my or go on to www.15malaysia.com.my.
well guess who hosted the show.. jeng jeng jeng non other than baki zainal... it was such a blast and everything went really well.. alhamdullilah.. i will like to thank Cynthia, Micheal Lai, Pete Teo, Benji, Bahir, and Khai for giving me the chance to be a part of this cause and i would like to thank Nic from Candid Photography (great pics), Khairi Jamalludin and Datuk Sri Dr Liow Tiong Lai for being great actors for me to spar with...
Syukur alhamdullilah as i feel really blessed being able to use something that is close to my heart in order of creating awearness..
aite folks stay tune to Celebrity Chat esok to catch more on P1's 15Malaysia.

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