Monday, August 24, 2009

jom sahur lagi

Azizi, dina, zeekaa, zenny and baki zainal has never looked so good without make up.. i like this photographer but wait its the booth i tell you..
alar bang baki zainal posing habis
besarnya lubang hidung ku
baki zainal having his coffee fix with his cousin dina

last nite zeekaa, dina, azizi, zenny and me decided to head up to genting for sahur.. yer memang betul.. we just decided last minute that we wanted a bit of cool air and yes semua kebosanan.. so selepas terawih i went to fetch all of them and off we went to feast in starbucks with our pizza hut ... we had tons of fun.. im blogging at this current moment because i dont want to fall asleep.. why you ask well i have a presentation in a couple of hours and if i sleep i wont be able to wake up.. sedih kan.. anyhows and anywheres you could see the pictures and judge for yourself the amount of fun and havoc tht all of us had... allrite peeps for those who are fasting selamat berpuasa...


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Efa Nur said...

owhh..cousin Dina ye.. patut laa nampak banyak gambar Baki ngn Dina..hehe :)

Efa Nur :)