Saturday, July 25, 2009

how weird has these days been

fly baki fly

humm.. these few days infact these few weeks and month has been really weird i would say.. maybe its the way the stars are placed , i dont really know but one way or the other its scarring me thats for sure.. the top of my list is the scare tht i got went i received an sms of the death of Yasmin Ahmad.. please guys do not send or forward text and messages until you get your facts right.. she is recovering and she will be going strong and create more wonderful stuff tht would remind us of humanity.. even so i dont really know her or she know me but i am praying for her and i urge all of you to do the same too.. insyallah..
這及個星譏里頭我在忙這一個關欲環保的活動,真的覺得很忙但通時很高幸的因為還宥好多藝人朋宥們在幫我把它做好。 真的謝謝大家。用華文寫這個blog 真的不簡但因為要一個一個的找。但我還是要學用laptop寫華文。
huhuhuh that was difficult wei.. anyways im on to this eco project that im gonna declare later when everything is confirmed.
besides tht im driving up ipoh and cross to pahang on sunday so will be busy so if you guys really need me then just drop me a line k. aite gotta go be good

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用google pinyin。简单、方便、准确!