Sunday, August 09, 2009

saya ada kampungi

my mother Zainah Hassan scoping up the rice
The Head of the Hassan Clan my Aunt Zabeha Hassan or Mak Long to me
from the left : Noraini Hassan (Mak Chu), Zakiah Hassan (Mak Lang), Zabeha Hassan(Mak Long), Zainah Hassan (my mom), Satiah Hassan(Andak)
Baki Zainal Cam Whoring again..
Rumah Api Api

many things happened this couple of days and whats ironic is that i decided to actually have a comment on things when i am busy and loaded with work.. im suppose to be finishing a few proposals for CPMS (ampun babes, you'll get it soon)..
anyhows and anywheres the statement of the week would be that i am declaring that i have a kampung.. yes yes the JB boy admits to the fact that Pontian Api Api is his kampung (well in actual fact its my mothers).. i went back recently because of a family mishap and yet trust my family we turned it into a carnival (my family has that ability to turn sad occasions and see the brighter side of it) and so all 5 of my aunts (my mothers sisters.. its a bit like the yaya sisterhood but in this context its the hassan sisterhood) got together and cooked up a feast of Nasi Ambang(javanese mixed rice served in big round trays to be shared and consumed by 4 people thus creating bond and harmony) for the local mosque thats Imam is my uncle "pak lang" shout out to Pak Buyong!!!
anyways my mothers family in pontian is quite a famous family being from the lineage of Penghulus (village headman) and during its glorious days old money of johore(they used to shop in Robinson's Singapore in the late 20's ok) then as the family spread out and some turmoil and spanish soap opera happened the linage of penghulus came to an end..
but for whatever matter i am proud to say that im lucky to have this side of the family and a place that i could in ways reconnect my roots cause baki zainal is a firm believer on roots .. how far you go you got to some how touch base for then not to loose yourself and your sanity..

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tar said...

thanks for the pictures. i'm a singaporean descendant of someone from kampung api-api... my nenek (may God rest her soul) was from there actually, and some of my nenek's family is still there. went there once in 2010, its nice to see some pictures of it..