Saturday, August 22, 2009

dah start beli baju raya..

baju melayu johor linen in white.. sungguh suci
Red Linen baju melayu johor tikam belut

ok ok i know but ive started buying baju melayu's... yes i have.. before this for the other shoots that i have done i wore clothes or baju melayu done by "Goldtrim".. thanks gold trim baju baju anda memang cantik.. this year for berbuka functions i have choosen to wear the works from qamilla.. they do really good linen and english cotten pieces.. the jahitan memang cantik... im anal when it comes to my baju melayu trust me it took me a good one hour at their boutique although i have decided what i wanted but then the stiches and the cut is really important to me.. do go and check them out and you will be as amazed as i was with the beautiful work.. you can also log on to to find out more.. my ramadhan shopping experience starts now..

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