Saturday, August 22, 2009

the first sahur 2009

Alif trying to figure out why is he doing this again?
Adam waiting to be served
humm amin having a yummy dream
my ma actually makes a big deal of the sahur.

alhamdulillah .. once again its Ramadhan...this year compared to the other years i dont know why but im totally excited ...even my boys or in a more politically correct manner my nephews has been counting down days to this magical month..
Ramadhan brings different meanings to different people, some happy, some sad and some who dont even realize its coming and going.. as for me the feeling of this magical month has grown from fear to love and admiration... why so? well during my younger days i feared the month as i then know that there will not be lunch ahahahahahaha... i use to not fast and lie thru my teeth about fasting to my mum hehehehe i know but my mum is not stupid sometimes she can see beyond my teeth as some of the lettuce from my big mac might just still be stucked to it.. heheehehehehe .. i remembered sitting on the stairs of the mcdonalds in sek9 shah alam and eating my Mc value meal as they would not let me indulge in the shop it self...masyaallah those were the days.. but now its different as i age i value this month.. not just because according to islam this is a very special month for us to pray and do good deeds as all good deeds are payed in double or triple... but most importantly the magic of sitting down together early in the morning with the family for sahur or even during berbuka time... where you seldom get to feel and experience tht no more on normal months..thats just priceless
as for baki zainal its not hard for me to withstand hunger please im usually so busy anyways that i forget to eat or drink.. but most importantly this is the month that really test my kesabaran ... when your hungry, thirsty and tired your temper then tends to flair but not just you have to bear all this you would also have to keep calm and wage war againts exploding and causing another hiroshima blast... ahahahahahaha...this is also the month where it test your steadfast and prayers... insyallah this year i shall try to improve and become a better person.
well i leave you guys this time around with pictures of my nephews having to get up for sahur.. subhanallah these boys will grow up to be heartbreakers...

ok peeps Baki Zainal ingin mengucapkan "Selamat menyambut Ramadhan dan semoga segala yang kita lakukan diberkati Allah...

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