Sunday, August 16, 2009

ISUZU and Sg Petani ROCKS!!!!

Check the mother trucker out man!! damn he is the most sexy thing ive seen for a long time!!
baki zainal takde kerja lar tue
baki zainal and the wonderful magicians vincent and victor
Baki zainal cam whoring with Annabbell (spell it right) and evelyn ...
what vincent does best conning pretty girls(thats denise chow, she is not just pretty but she is very smart at the same tme)

penat badan tak lagi habis nie nak siap pergi rehearsals for esok.. jeng jeng jeng.. but i could not resist the chance and time to blog about my experience working the beautiful crowd of Sg, Petani...
hahahahahaha besides being shall i say disturbed or visit by the resident paranormal spirit of the hotel i stayed in.. everything else was a blast.. the people is SP was just great... Amir and myself would like to send our gratitude and thanks to all of you for the constant support and love for MR Siao's Mandarin Class.. hopefully we shall be going into 2nd season soon and sure enough we will try our very best to bring the best to all of you. 真的謝謝大家。本人以 所宥的演員希望大家會喜酄。Amir has never felt so much appreciation for playing a malaysian that he is.
besides that ISUZU Malaysia rocks... loved the team.. from Hata san, Oyama San, Denise, MR Poh, AnnaBelle, Burn, Bernard, Evelyn, joseph, sui yee.. and everyone else that made the trip a good one.. thank you..

sesungguhnya baki zainal sayang kamu..

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