Friday, August 14, 2009


this is the ever pregnant, ever talented nor hazlin nor salam, sleeping on her couch at home after playing the ever wonderful host and feeding us kids at her house warming the other day.. hazlin happy birthday!! semoga tuhan merahmati kehidupan kita semua dan semoga you and saif have your ever wonderful ever after of a fairy tale life... baki sayangggg hazlin.
Baki Zainal
hot babe Geetha, baki zainal
baki zainal chilling after lunch

its during times like this, when i am in a foreign hotel room alone in bed at 1.48am and having to wake up to a fulls day work that i could not sleep and randomly feel like blogging ... thank god for wifi and my macbookpro baby jane!!hehehehehehehehe

humm well theres really nothing much i could write about since life has been pretty mundane for the last couple of days... but since its hazlins birthday today let me just fill you in on this hot mama..

hazlin and me go way long back when we were all living in the state of mind of being artistic beings who would slave their life for art and for art shall feed our souls.. heheheheheh remember that times babes.. anyways not saying that we dont believe in art no more we do but now we take it with a more practical approach.. hazlin is more of a brother to me for i am a sister to her hahahahaha sounds wrong but yeah... i remembered we really broke the ice 1 time when we sat outside a certain branded cafe in subang parade and took turns crying as we were exchanging life stories and all that we had to go thru be where are today..hahahahaha i can still remember the people walking past and seeing this 2 souls bawling their eyes out im sure at that time we would have made the subang community web page and the tittle reads "bawling for coffee" and below would be the picture of lin and me.. we also shared fun moments like running off to cameron highlands and taking turns at teasing geetha on her theory of "its not important in having scones and tea if your in cameron highlands" and being amazed by the powers of this sri lankan babe when literally theres no tea and scones at the stop that we decided to rest jeng jeng jeng.. how can i forget the mid nite long conversations where we would talk about life and achievements and dreams that we would want day "make" true.
but it was not all roses for lin and me... i remembered that paticular moment where i felt as if i was an intruder standing alone looking at my best fren crying and judging me for trying to make an escape and run from a certain belief that we have held on too for so long .. a cause that i promised to stand up and fight with her but at the end fail for i was not strong enough.. and deserted her half way.. but i dont blame her for feeling that way i was at wrong for not sharing and telling her the truth..
one day hazlin excitedly told me of her wedding plan to marry this dude that i was not that close to but knows for sure my best fren loves dearly... i was over joyed yet i felt sad as i was being selfish cause i didnt want to loose her to the other bloke. ok ok he is not a bloke, the gentleman being said is Saif. but then slowly i wanted my good fren to be happy and i wanted to give her the wedding that she has always wanted for i feel that would be the best wedding gift i could give and guess what in return she made me wear a pink baju melayu and be one of her bridesmade hahahahahahahahaha (thank you hazlin, no wonder aku takde gf sampai sekarang). although we dont get to see each other as often lin and me still have our "flings" over coffee and sinful thai food hehehehehehe (hello we love to eat ok). i kinda know one way or the other now i have never lost her.. infact im soo happy seeing how saif is treating her for my best fren deserves the best..
so to the baby in her tummy, uncle baki wants to tell you how lucky you are to have this strong, willed women as your mother, for she is a sweet soul that believes in dreams and love and she will impart wise wisdom to you and care for you better than anyone else i know(i bet you cant wait to see her).
Hazlin Happy Birthday old girl!! sesungguhnya baki zainal sayang kamu..
(pssttt i'll love you more if you get rid of the ugly picture of me that you have)

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