Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Man Who's Vision made Baki Zainal..

Papa, i miss you so much.. thank you for pushing me and having the vision to give me such a special gift... my tears fall tonite as you are not here to share this with me pa.. but i know that somewhere up there you see me and you share this moments with me.. sesungguhnya anak papa rindu sangat pada papa.. sudah 13 tahun papa sahut panggilan Ilahi.. sudah 13 tahun baki tak beraya bersama papa.. baki redha keatas pemergian papa.. baki hanya berdoa agar Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas papa and He showers you with all the love that you showered me.. Baki janji pa, baki tak akan mempersiakan usaha papa untuk lihat anak papa berjaya.. my only regret is that i never told you how much i love you and i admire you .. Baki Rindu Papa.. Terima Kasih Papa ku.. Thank you..謝謝您。。我愛我的爸爸。。。


Erin W said...

='( I lost my papa two years ago too. This is beautiful B.

Hafiz said...

hi baki, just a random stranger here. saw your performance on Meter and i'm awed and wanna say I insanely respect you for being able to speak mandarin so fluently and accurate in tone. Felt such a huge pang of emoness cause I've always wanted to be fluent in mandarin, and well it's always painful to see others achieve what you've always dreamed to do but never could :(

but you show it's possible for a malay to do it, and i'm gonna try my best now. thanks for being a role model!

Baki Zainal said...

hi hafiz... thank you for such kind words.. i always believe that if you really want something and there is no one that could stop you.. you can reach the highest peaks .. just be positive and HE shall be with you.

thanks erin ..

Anonymous said...

hi!... same here i just watched the meter and really respect you for being able to speak mandarin.. 我是个华人..在ukm也有几个会说华语的马来人..感觉很好很有亲切感..once you able to speak more languages than others..your chance to succeed is always higher! terima kasih kepada saudara yang telah memberikan satu lakonan yang baik!