Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i have no title

Kadang kala baki tak pasti adakah setiap keputusan yang baki ambil tue merupakan keputusan yang paling tepat.. will i one way or the other bite myself in the toes again? ... susah kadang kadang.
simple scenarios and even big decisions at times are made by difficult and long ponders but then theres also many that are crafted by the simple twitch i get.. many of which i am happy with and many of which i still ponder on....
kepercayaan dan nawaitu seseorang itu penting.. sometimes we question people.. but then we also fail to see or question our own selves.. are we in it fully or are we as half hearted as the others.. susah soalan nie.. when i am faced with such a wall i leave it up to HIM... HE who sees HE who knows .. insyaallah..
im gonna live and be intoxicated by life ... i welcome anyone who wants to join me..

1 comment:

Chris Thoo said...

hmmmm.....i seriously wanna see you bite your toes lor....lol...like... physically.....

Anyway, hope you'll be doing great la bro...=)