Tuesday, December 08, 2009

finally i am blogging

i am now in my kor kor's office blogging away as for my house is currently Wifi less.. i know its so zen hummmmmmmm.... but yes hopefully soon i can get my brother to go to the Telekoms to settle this issue on his days that he is not flying.

life has been good, everything is going as per say and per done.. in what terms and what gramatical law does that sentence exist well guess what i dnt know and i cant give a rat ass to that hahahahahaha...

im really happy seeing the difference and the hope that MCG2 has given to many out there... alhamdullilah its such a breath of fresh air .. punt no intended.. hahahahahaha

im getting rusty at this blogging thing .. let me get myself use to it once more and i shall update you guys on my happenings aite..

but till then stay safe guys and remember Green in the new Black.

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