Sunday, March 30, 2008

the upside down frog (THE LABUNDAS)

the Labundas (Evelyn and Theo)
The Proud Mama and me
jie, eve and me
the upside down frog moment
ajie yumm yummm cup cakes

It was a very lad back evening tonite, jie, sue and me went out with the Labundas for dinner to kinda celebrate evelyn’s belated birthday and also the confirmation of her 4 month old pregnancy(yelar berape banyak lar kawan kawan ku yang sudah berbadan dua) hahahahaha.. its been really long since we last met. And now got to know that they are moving back to K.K end of april( yeah yeah more reasons to go to K.K selain kerja dan bercuti.. sebenarnya saje jer cari reason nie)
We had dinner in Marche and then adjourned to The apartment for drinks yelar.. wahh jie disana dengan rakusnya menelan 2 cup cakes yang begitu enak.. yum yum.. and there was also where we came out with the upside down frog.. hahahaha.. sorry Theo. But alls good..
It was interesting how when we driving back and in the car we some what mentioned about how we have came a long way and jie reciting how people tend to drift apart specially selepas berkahwin.. I think that what makes it special( sudah lar mentang mentang ko belum kahwin kan) in what ever situation and under taking I pray really hard that I never shall drift apart and be far from the people that I love and cherish and vice versa towards me.. never shall I need to walk on eggshells and be afraid of being someone else and being scared that nobody would be able to accept me for who I am (the overwhelming, loud big life that I lead)
Before I get all philosophical about things and go on and on I better stop ahahahaha.. anyways wishing the Labundas all the best and love to all, im baki zainal signing off.

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