Friday, March 28, 2008

Amins birthday!!

yumm yumm ice-cream cake
birthday boy stinky
stinky and me
alisya with amins present

Kids birthdays has always been hectic, noisy, stressful, sticky and messy(wait that sounds more like sex than a birthday party).. last night was stinky’s birthday, so we kinda gathered the family around and had a small do among us with of course unlimited amount of yummy food(dah namanya keluarga baki Zainal mestilar makan best) and it kinda explaines why I am blogging this a day later hahahahahaha
the day started on a very high note with me attending an audition in filmscape(the same people who brought you cinta and manjalara) and I don’t want to jingx it but then I felt that it might be a positive outcome.. insyaallah.. even so I came across the two numskulls(I wont mention names, their names urks me in so many ways than one) and I had the 5 mins of pulputation and blood rising to my head it didn’t in any ways was gonna bring me down.. I was determined to be happy and stressful in hunting down stinky’s birthday present..he wanted a wrist band from either nike or adidas the dude is 6 years old how in the name of god can I find one that would be able to fit his little small arms? Hahahaha but I guess god wanted to make me super uncle so I came across one that is for adults but could fit his little arms hahahahaha..
besides the wrist band I was in so many ways determined to get him Green Eggs and Ham(the book) so while I was in borders hunting down the said book I came across and activity book on The Spiderwick. And without thinking twice I picked it up and knew that stinky was gonna worship me for that(hey its one of those moments that you know you would be immortalized next to Ben 10 and Pokemon) and of course I got myself a word puzzle book that was on bargain( hahaha stop trying to justify yourself baki Zainal)
anyways the party went smooth and I was uberly touched by how my nephew reacted towards getting his gift and how he brim with thank yous and hugs.. I love stinky in fact I love all of them.. the night ended with a whole vanilla ice cream cake, laughters, pictures and warmth.. I love my family and while I write about it I realized how important their laughter and smiles are to me.. thank you..

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