Monday, March 31, 2008

buku buku...

buku buku
lou and me selling books.. we sold 3 hurray!!
ray performing at OMG

I am so tired.. today I had the DiGi RAP event and saw 10 primary schools belt it out on stage to became the next best show after PGL (wow fuyohhh) they had so much fun you could tell from the amount of effort and props and the lot that they put in to battle it out not just among schools but among themselves..
Right after the show apa lagi hah nak bikin cerita aku pun apa lagi telah ke seksyen 16 for OMG.. and it was really a weird night with much info taken to account I helped sell books to raise money for the gang to go to London and of course how can baki Zainal not buy books specially when he is the one selling hahahahaha aku sekali borong 4 buku.. tak hingat punya but its all good hey its for charity bro… oklar I am tired nak tidor selamat malam semua.. oh ya I am now officially single again.

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Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


call gua bila lu dapat msg ini.

aku mau potong rambut. anita jom?

p/s: whats up with your hair?