Saturday, March 22, 2008


Okay okay,,, its been a real tiring free week humm that in many ways sounds ironic.. finally got a chance to take the back seat and relax for the time being before time catches up again with me.. caught up with shel, far, clyde and sophie for a heart wrenching rendition of karaoke time… yes yes .. I know stick to your day job baki.. it was really great catching up with friends that way.. its been well not really long but long in a way.
Waiting for hapis to send me pictures of us that he took when we were in melaka for the pancaragam road show.. had a blast, dudes funny god save his soul or should that be mine hahahaha.. I’ll upload the pictures as soon as I get them k.. promise.
Have yet to catch up with zeeka after getting news of her broken toe.. how lar zeek, ko tau bontot laki ko tue metal lagi mau tendang.. tu lar derhaka pada suami lagi.. ish ish ish..
The renovations in my room and house has kinda came to a near standstill.. not too happy with my toilet yet.. the Indonesian worker has yet to resolve the matter of the lining in the tiles.. my theory exactly you pay peanuts you get indons… hahahaha
Cant wait for the wave to start again.. huhuhu…

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