Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Okay, I mengantuk yang teramat but then I feel that I have to blog now sebelum I get really sleepy or much worse I get bored or distracted by the tv or something else than I would be soo curang towards my dear friend the blog…
Today started a bit funny tapi pada masa yang sama weird.. sebabnya I got a wake up call from my brother ajaking me to buy wooden blinds but I ended up at the police station..
Yes you heard it right I was at the police station in section 11 shah alam to pay my saman..( you guys know the one that I was involved in a crash)well that costed me 300 but then macam puas hati gie bayar saman tue coz the police people were soo nice and polite and all that it was really a simple fast affair. It only took me not more than 5 mins to inquire and pay up the 300.. wow taniah kepada polis polis di balai polis seksyen 11 shah alam khidmat mu sentiasa dikenang..
Then after a hearty meal and photo taking session(sebelum tue kenelar straightkan rambut dulu dah kata nanti kat lessen tue kene lar hansem) I was off to the JPJ in good old god forsaken Padang Jawa (why do they do that.. chuck all these devoted government workers who do their job faithfully so that we would benefit from it.. ok ok that’s a bit too much lyrical waxing there) and after half an hours wait for my turn (between 71 people in between) I finally managed to get my turn and with the feeling of being afraid that I would not get my new license(because well I was caught ironically without having a P stuck behind Fabians car 2 days before my P license died) well I got my new full CDL as Saban taught me the other night..
I would have to say that my encounter with the government sector today has been really good and that what ever people want to say I think its how they approach these people if at first they treat them nice then they would get the same smile back as I did I guess.. anyways I am just happy and glad that I still have license…
I have 3 auditions lined up for me this week and ohh I cannot wait to hit the beaches soon.. humm come to think of it its been at least 1 island or 1 beach a month but hey this month have yet to indulge will do so soon in april… am loving it.. yes I am.. ok have to go night night now… have an early audition to go to.. nite

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