Monday, March 24, 2008

Satay Celup Capitol

filling the plane with yummie peanuts
waiting for my "jet plane"
Singapore star Lyn Malek
Malacca Satay Celup

An early day again have to drive down to KLIA not wanting to miss the flight again hahahaha…function in johor, was just sweet although the response that I wanted was not as promising as how it might have been… I like the idea of testing a few different hair stylist(mind you they only have the honor to style my hair and not cut it that honor is still held by Nita from curlers and Nick in Malacca) but with this I get to see different hair styles being played on to me and seeing if I am able in carrying it off.. I liked my hair in jb this time… I really do..
Ohh ohh ohh I don’t remember if I kind of wrote it down or not but then, I am not the line of wanting to look young thus I am trying to dress younger and follow suit with the trend.. so while I was in jb I bought those leather things that the youngsters these days wear on their wrist.. although the process of purchasing it was funny but then lets leave that for another day…
Finished show I joined Fabian, saban and clement back and the guys decided to make a pit stop in Malacca for satay celup. So for the very first time ever I got to taste the ever famous Malacca Satay Celup Capitol and boy was that a fiesta.. I have never seen them so excited to see me and after a free dinner(thank you capitol) and a few pictures taken with all the staff and owner, I left the shop full and feeling a bit weary although touched that I had a fan base in the satay celup shop..hahahaha…. but what ever said the satay taste great it’s a mixture between lock lock and mee rebus with seafood minus the noodles…
After being immortalized in a non halal shop, a jpj summon and a few interesting events that went on this time around.. I would have to say that I am a happy man. No doubt of a few cock-ups here and there but the bottom line is i am thankful to HIM for being me and getting me where I am today… Thank you.