Wednesday, March 12, 2008

finding faults

its past noon now.. somewhat 4pm to be exact .. the toilet is now on a positive progress, it looks good but at the same time it looks like it came out of a 3D pic book that you need to look into to see dinosaurs and trees floating out at you.
i make the worse boyfriend really.. not that i do it on purpose but then i really have soo many things on my plate even when i am not working.. she is here in town and i am to spend time with her but i just could not make time out to do so but ironic part of it is that when i am on working time out of KL i would then manage to hang longer and be there with her,, ohh man.. how will i ever have a decent girl that would be able to live with my kind of lifestyle really..
ok i shall just have to focus and really focus and commit extra time n making this work.. really i do. do i want to make it work? why would i not want to make it work..
this is the thing baki zainal, you have to stop doing this and focus and stop finding faults.. really stop people will get hurt, you will get hurt,,... i need to loose weight,, i feel fat.


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i feel fat too.
for that, we have each other.

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