Saturday, March 29, 2008

bye bye 3cm.. i'll miss you

jam lar jam !!!!
the leather belt that is called dinner
hah!! nie kene mandi bawah jambatan ngn kambing jantan nie!!
the 3cm gang (kyra, simone, me, linda, chris, jasmine, mizul,willem, yok wan,karen, farah)

It was pretty jam driving down to kl tonight for the 3cm farewell dinner (huhuhuhu).. I had to send abang og to work first then from KLIA I drove to GLOMAC for auditions, I hope I get it although I know its tough as I am going against the likes of Awal and the rest(I know I am BAKI ZAINAL tapi yelah im not there yet kan) then without thinking twice I drove down to concord hard rock for dinner(its Friday KL is famous for its jam at this moment and it rained so you guys would know how much I love 3CM that I drove down without thinking twice)
I reached there early( making up for happy hour lar nampaknya) before the gang arrived.. nampaknya fasha sandha was celebrating her birthday too Happy Birthday Fasha..
The gang arrived, simone just got back from Bangkok from spending some time with Ben.. (simone brought gifts yeah yeah) dinner started with me ordering the NY strip steak(which tasted like rubber sorry guys but food sucked!!)
It was an interesting night with many encounters, Linda doing her bomoh act in menilik nasib ( hah nie cucu kena mandi bawah jambatan ngn sekor kambing jantan) hahahaha.. trying to convert will in circumcising and of course santa clause with his 5 pinoy maids hahahaha.. lets not be visual here but above all the night ended on a high note with everybody being all emo and stuff but above all I love this team and I wish all of you guys the best in life and the works.. Linda jangan lupa ya jimmy choo boots to work next week!! Take care guys I love you..