Sunday, January 25, 2009

of lebanon birthdays, CNY and lots more

last nite i traveled to lebanon and back.. it was elina hariths birthday bash.. it was a fairly interesting evening i would say .. infact i would not get into details ahahahaha yelar tidak baik mengaibkan orang lain tau (in this case its the restaurant) but above all it was a nice evening of catching ups.. Happy Birthday Sweetie... its one of those moments where you kinda feel tht you have a lot to talk about but then your just lost for words..and cant figure out what to write..
so since i am at that junction and it is the eve of the lunar new year, before the ox rumbles in i would like to wish every one HAPPY NEW YEAR!! and may this golden ox brings with it prosperity, joy and health for all of us....

baki zainal

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Elly said...

hey hun!! thanks soo much for coming. So sorry for all the mishaps that night. I seriously think they're 'not used to the number of ppl.