Saturday, January 24, 2009

an honest malaysian movie..

just now i got the chance to attend the special screening of a really good , beautiful , honest Malaysian movie "Talentime".. this screening was in conjunction with a charity effort to raise funds for Gaza. directed by yasmin ahmad yallah cerita nie sungguh ikhlas..sebenarnya its very simple story telling tetapi kerana cara cerita ini diceritakan dengan bersahaja dan ikhlas the story was send across so beautifully ..everytime i watch a yasmin ahmad movie i see her putting the multi racial issue at play.. and this time around among all her other movies to date i feel that this 1 handles this issue beautifully sampaikan air mata baki zainal mengalir kerana nampak kan keikhlasan dan kejujuran issue issue yang dibentang walaupun dilapik masih kelihatan benar..
before i go i would have to say that the cast is of a stellar cast cayarlar... i was really impressed by mahesh, kahoe,jac, and the many more that made this movie come to life.. sekali lagi taniah yasmin...ok guys jgn lupa to catch this beautiful movie when it hits the cinemas in march..

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