Wednesday, January 21, 2009

last few weeks

okay okay im still not over by the excitement that i had been feeling since i found out that the episode of "Ghost" Season 2 would be directed by Ng Png Ho.. yup...the guy who came up with "Kopitiam"..... (mesti ada yang tanya kan ehh apahal macam teruje semacam bukan dulu you pun berlakon Kopitiam ke? hahhh its not the same cause when i joined malaysia's first english sitcom it was no longer directed by Png but by Carlos Agustine Bong(which had also been a pleasure) so yelar menunggu sebeberape lama.. wahh bahasa ku)
finally last night came.. after merentas jam yang amat teruk ..kl near standstill (tapi bilernya kl tak near standstill when its going home time) .. i reached the venue and was greeted upstairs by teck guan and elain and off for the usual make-up and stuff.. after an hours wait(yelar kenelar siap lampu place camera kan) it was time to work.. and my sparring partner for this scene was of course Cheryl Samad.. and everything went really smooth and it was very easy working with both Cheryl and Png.. as a director he knows precisely what he want out of the actor and yet he does not dictate but gives the actor his space to create.. he knows to the exact point sehinggakan each scene cuma memakan max 3 take.. woowww memang best dan cepat!! cayarlar.. tapi biasalar baki zainal had to keep himself compose and made it seemed that i was very collected and very professional sebab tak nak lar kan nampak macam mengampu tuan director.. wahhh lepas "sou kong" terus wajib menelipon tuan atau puan manager yang tercinta (ahh marah makcik tue nanti) untuk meluahkan perasaan teruja yang membuak buak dihati.. jeng jeng jeng...

Last AJL i was soo excited and happy that Faizal Tahir, Meet Uncle Hussien and Farawaheeda won.. yipeeee.. some more i had the pleasure of interviewing fara few days before AJL and i really feel that Fara and Abg Julfekar deserves the award that they brought home that night congrates girl.. cayarlar.. i have always liked her voice since her "tanpa mu" days and yeah i feel that she does her level best to be different and kudos for winning ya!!

huhhhh more on the home front this is a picture of Erika's barbie cake.. (and no it does not come with the taukei aiskrim yang bertudung itu) the whole celebration was fun for both young ones and the elderly hahahahahaha... i hope she liked the make-up from The Body Shop that i gave her...

speaking of The Body Shop, i would like to thank youth09 for that gift as it was a token from them for me as i was 1 of the celebrities invited for their celebrity secret session.. thanks ouls.. okay guys work has summoned me so i am going off now might just blog later tonight .. chao ouls

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