Tuesday, January 06, 2009

lets kick off 2009!!

hey all.. finally my first post for the year 2009.. i know its kinda 6 days late hahahaha.. anyways at least i blog rite.. well they say or shall i say i believe that how you start your year would influence the coming 12 months of the year.( damn it, why cant i start mine with hot chicks, cool rides and flashy cash hahahahaha).. i started mine this year kinda bit low key.. but most of it i felt was meaningful enough to bless the coming days of 2009.. first day of the year was fully devoted to the clan.. as you could see i dont get to spend much time with all of them so kayaknya bila gue punyain masa langsung ya family terus jadi priority yang amat penting bagi gue.. eh eh tak aleh aleh ngomong bahasa indonesia waduh waduh...

yup it was up genting for the kiddos.. i guess in a way we kinda missed the weather in bandung so we brounght the kids up to genting and joined the masses as they spent the final few days of the holidays..rasa macam kat ocean park pun ada jugak.. ohhh i have to tell you guys about my experience watching The Spirit in the lovely OSIM massage chair.. wahhh enak sekali dong.. it was just wonderful , nasib baiklar ada kerusi yang enak, empuk dan syok itu kerana tidak i would have been swearing under neath my breath cause The Spirit is one of those movies that i would call "buek!!" its such a bad movie, with lame line and a stellar cast.. tolong lar please boleh tak just pergi mati.. arghhh stressss..

huh cuba teka saya dimana? it looks like a chicken hotel doesnt it from this angle tapi sebenarnya i went and got my nails done.. yes yes i know it sounds very beckham tapi guys terpaksa ok.. i mean everytime i shake hands with people at the functions i attend to i need to make sure that i have a smooth and good looking hands cause that would be the first thing that these people get to touch.. ok ok i know lame .. sememangnya best gie buat pedi and mani so shot me if you want to no these arent my nails.. too mach bling for me hahahahaha thats my jies feet.. ahahahahaha... well besides the daily grind of work and stuff i think i started this year pretty much how i want my existing days in 2009 to be like where i get to spend time with people that i love and at the same time be pampered thru out... wahhh bestnyer bestnyer... hummm hopefully this idea sticks thru.. ok all have to go.. catch you guys later.. now on my hunt for that lovely camera.. ahhhh

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