Sunday, August 31, 2008

new moon and a big birthday bash for the nation..

fun packed, all high merdeka bash in melaka was what i was up to last weekend.. yeah it was really a good show. but sad to say that we didnt get to do it as a proper merdeka countdown cause we had to finish by 11pm according to certain parties.. anyways it was still a blast and the highlight of the whole event was when i got to see 4 young stars shine that evening and join the ranking of artist performing that evening.. they have came a long way and i wont hesitate to say that they made it. abang bangga dengan adik adik abang.
A year has once again passed so fast.. i was sitting by the pool side of Holiday Inn Melaka and i realized that marked 1 year i emceed the launch and as fast as it gets it is ramadhan again. recalling memories of things that happened to me i could not smile and be thankful towards HIS rewards and kind gifts.. baki bersyukur sangat.. i am here not just because of my hard work and the support that people around me has showed but largely HIS aid and gift to me that has made me strong and fighting on..
With this new moon of Ramadhan i hope and wish that i would then be able to go further with the turning of a new chapter. insyaallah.. i know Your listening 2 me.. please help me thru.. Selamat Berpuasa all..

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Alan Thoo said...

u know wat bro!!! finally.. u are writing something tht all commoners like us could understand!!! haw haw haW!!! :P

Thanks for all the hardwork and GREATTTT effort for the last 2 months .. cherrios!