Thursday, August 28, 2008

mac book air, starbucks tumbler UiTM concert and yellow tops

well the tumbler looks like this tapi jangan lupa ia tidak berpeluh
yup.. the concert i was talking about tapi sentap lar sikit nama i takde..

imagine a tumbler that could hold your cold drinks and at the same time keeping your hands dry from the sweat coming from the melting ice of your ice passion vanilla tea.... ahhh isnt that a bliss.. well you dont have to imagine anymore as starbucks has created such tumbler.. yes and it is available in its stores in Malaysia or shall i say selected stores in Malaysia (itu pun like in very limited numbers k..) so if your lucky then well you could get your hands on one. cause now both zeeka and me have gotten our greedy little hands around the tumbler.. yes selepas punya lar mencari (we saw it first in the shah alam store tetapi kerana fikiran alar starbucks merata dan tgh tak cukup duit pada masa yang sama we didnt get them there).. ahhhhh bliss.. thanks zeek.. i love you looooooooonnnnnnnggggggggggg time..
speaking about zeek well my friend is now the proud owner of baby jane..yes yes why i say owner of baby jane sebabnya jane itu bukan manusia tapi Mac Air yang sungguh tipis, classy and menawan woowwwwwwwww...sememangnya kalau ibook aku diletakkan disebelah jane IA merupakan satu diskriminasi antara dua darjat.. jeng jeng.. tapi takpe kite tunggu dan lihat..
ohh man i am still not over the high from last nights concert in UiTM or as i told the students last night my itm.. the crowd rocks.. soo hopefully the crowd in melaka pun macam itu juga.. orang melaka jom kita berkonsert dan memeriahkan countdown untuk merdeka tahun ini.. see you at mahkota parade this 30th ya...

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Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

very the pantas meng-update.

kalau ye pun, eja la nama aku betul2 !!