Saturday, August 09, 2008


her name is Elina Harith

really dont know whats soo special and auspicious about this date because on a more serious note nothing and i repeat nothing really spectacular happened to me today although i would have to say i had a spectacular time with Elly and Lin, the later a wonderful time with my family. i wont put down what f-ed up today but yeah lets leave it at that...
its 1.38am i need to sleep gotta catch a flight to penang tomorrow. i am crossing my fingers at this moment theres this job that i want.. now its not everyday that you would come across a job that you would really want to do.. so when you see one you try to catch it.. you know what as cocky as i am gonna sound i am gonna say that that jobs mine yes it is... please let it be mine..... ok peeps gotta go now.. am feeling sleepy d. i'll try to blog before sabah k. baki zainal signing off.

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Elly said... spelled my name wrong..sedih nie nyah's Elena darling..and pronounced as E..leyy...naa.. hehheheh YOU ARE GONNA GET THE JOB!!!!