Thursday, August 28, 2008


those were the days man..
the cast of kopitiam, ohh my godddddddddd that was so long ago..

aku sedang kebosanan..i have today as in one whole day free for doing nothing.. can you believe that i am just sitting here doing nothing.. pagi pagi bangun beli breakfast lepas tue sambung tidur then bawak mother pergie marketing.. sekarang nie duk melepak buat bodoh.. later petang sikit kumon..
i think im bipolar. humm why do i say that well because i was watching oprah the other day about these people and being bipolar and i have roughly most all of the signs of being bipolar.. can you believe that. i have huge peaks and drops in emotions.. the sudden urge and serge of feeling good and at that moment irrational decisions that seems rational were made without a wink of an eye.. hummm its hard really to really say that i am bipolar..........
bipolar aside yang pentingnya sekarang baki zainal kebosanan.. ia memang.. the worse part is that bosan dia nie untuk hari nie jer cause come 2morrow i would then be in melaka working... so macam tak lar boler buat major plans yang kemungkinan boleh mengubah masa depan.. cewaaaahhh.. oh ya while i was doing research on my guest for yesterdays celebrity chat (chelsea ng) i came across pictures of us last time last time semasa we were doing kopitiam zaman dulu purba semasa usia muda jiwa ranggi.. cewahhh.. hahahahahahaha so i kinda like took 2 pictures from her official website(thank you chelsia!!) i had tons of fun on yesterdays show sebab yang dalam studio interview tue semua kengkawan kengkawan so it was more like jom lepak sambil ditontoni seluruh malaya.. hahahahahaha..
im really comfortable with this lifestyle really walaupun ada hari hari kebosanan seperti hari ini dalam sejarah.. and also you would not know when or where would your next project be.. tapi yang pentingnya kehidupan ini indah.. and i thank YOU!! for giving this to me.. dan dengan kuasaNYA dan limpah rahmat dariNYA there would be more from me to give...
oklar got to go aku baru jer terpikir tentang satu aktiviti kurang berfaedah tetapi menarik untuk membuang masa.. talk later ya.. daaaaaaa

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Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

so last2 kau buat apa?

kau bukan bipolar lah gila ! kay hypercondriac jer !