Saturday, October 02, 2010

my updates..

Baki Zainal and The Joshua Tapes
Baki Zainal and mike campton feeling the love from fans of 8tv NITELIVE
Baki Zainal chilling in the pool with the 3 hunks of Amusing Race
Baki Zainal and in his safety net..

as many of you who knows me by now would know that i hate let me repeat that i hate packing (ironic an avid traveller that hates packing) .. so while i pack im inspired to write...
its been a couple of weeks since my last blog entree, honestly its not that i dont wanna blog its just that everytime i sit infront of baby jane my brains just stop and i stare at a blank space.. so lets just see where does this entree takes me..

the last couple of weeks infact months have been a whirlwind ride that is out of my control. many pleasant journeys and yes a few hiccups here and there.. for instants the second season of Amusing Race has well been on recording mode.. once again the four of us Zhi Xiang, Wind, Rickman and myself is seen traveling around the peninsular playing more whacky out of this world games. we try our level best with the major help of our production team to raise the bar and making it much more entertaining for all of you out there...

then of course theres the MAKI combination between Mike Campton and myself on 8TV NITELIVE .. working with mike honestly has been a pleasure. now i don't treat it like work no more .. its more like a weekly ritual of mine to just chill on the couch with my 弟弟 (younger brother) and catching up with the last gossip, trends and k-pop hhuhuhhuhuhuh!! i really honestly feel tht the dude has talent and potentials.. its such a breeze working with this superstar..

oh yes how can i forget one of the best things to happen to me recently, the premiering of my first ever leading role on the big screen.. hehehe of course i have to share it with another 2 huge egos ryan and ajeet but yes The Joshua Tapes.. im sure for you guys who has been following my blog would know bout the movie by now.. things and sacrifices tht took part for this.. its running from the 30th till 16th of october.. please help support the local industry and catch it.. and hopefully you guys enjoy it..

well i better get back to my packing.. humm sunny Terengganu? beach, sun and sea what do i bring with me.. till next time.. take care peeps..


cik izars said...


Ribena said...

huhu..sometimes i feel so unlucky...for not to meet you n mike. :(

but i feel lucky enough to live normally...

Dorkistic Nana said...

hehe, I saw chazzie and her siblings there~~ anyway, wishing you all the best and got more love and blessing in the future. hwaiting!!

Chazz said...

Hello Baki!
Wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best for your career ^^

Uwaah, you posted our picture! That's embarrassing XD but proud too XD

Keep on doing things that you like and entertain the people with your talent.

Baki Hwaiting!
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