Friday, March 12, 2010

my maiden voyage on oneFM

Sumi, Baki Zainal and Lucas at oneFM studio
Sumi asking Baki Zainal how does it feel to host such a wacky show
Baki zainal, Sumi and Lucas mucking about in the studio

ola guys, well its been hectic commuting from KL to Melaka on a daily basis for both MCG2 talks and Step Forward shoot and promo but thanks to people like Holiday Inn Melaka and Giant Ants i get to keep my sanity with the support they give..
aite, im uploading a few pictures of my adventure during my oneFM interview last nite.. i had cool fun.. thanks to Lucas and Sumi who made it easy for me as it was kinda nerve wrecking going on live for an hour on one of the most popular radio stations in Malaysia.. i respect the both of them as there was so much technicality involved.. hahhahahahaha i dont think i could manage that as i have two left hands and feet.. hehehehehehe.. i was on air to promote Step Forward and i was really happy with the response tht we recived on facebook.. thank you all.. aite gotta go now have an interview session with Berita Harian after this..


* HeeBum and HaeBi * said...

i really do enjoy watching step forward.. thanks to u of course.. ^^

kinda weird seeing u talking in malay wif the mentarang uncle last nite in Step forward.. haha..

btw, gud luck.. keep up ur gud work.. all the best..

cik izars said...

hey Baki!
it's a great show, really enjoyed watching it.=)

Unknown said...

baki i am louis from penang i lyk the movie u done espeacially the amusing race when u sing at gurney drive
I tell u how to make ur fren lose in the amusing race i think u noe almond rite u all race 2 bite the almond seed coz sometimes u bought the almond it came wif fruit after u finish the fruit inside the seed there is almond u ask them bite it open withought using any tools but ur mouth thats all thanks n the forefit is that the last person will have to help u all carry ur luggage n don't sleep before all of u sleep n ah if u wan to reply me send it to