Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Birthday Wish List

3 more days i will be joining many of my frens at the gates of turning 30.. yes i will officially be 29 this sunday... hahahaha time flies really fast wei but most importantly i don't look and don't feel the age (ok tue merbahaya juga tue jeng jeng jeng) ... i was lying in bed thinking about last years birthday and is wondering what this year would turn out like.. last year was magical as i celebrated in the dessert town of Turpan off the Gobi dessert. even so i was thousand miles away i was still showered by the sms from loved ones and family.. subhanallah recalling that memory was just surreal.. thus making me wonder what this year has installed for me..
This year same as the last previous year, i know what i want to receive for my birthday. I'm a believer in "ask and you shall be given". how would the world out there know what is it that you want. plus why would you want to receive things stuff that at the end of the day you chuck behind the cabinet. true the tot that counts but hey I'm being truthful so live with it..

Number 1 on my wish list is not really new in the market, the manufacturers tried to perfect it but then its still faulty. china on the other hand did a prototype and succeeded but having to sacrifice some of the main applications and features. number 1 on my list is Racial Harmony and understanding .. yup you heard me right.. the irony of me blogging about this on may 13th.. i find it really difficult to digest the fact that we all pledge racial harmony, we embrace racial harmony, we bring it to the streets and sing on top of our lungs but at the end of the day we do not realize that we do not understand one and the other. we pretend to understand so tht we do not look stupid and our egos don't get hurt. but deep down, not really deep we don't know why certain frens of ours react that way be it malay, chinese, indians or even the chubbawambas.. in turn to shield our ignorance we come up with certain big ideology or theory so just that we don't sound stupid and people don't question our credibility. why is it soo hard to ask the person next to you why he our she behaves this way or celebrates a certain occasion. why is it that difficult? and please try to differentiate that religion does not always goes or be owned by a certain ethnicity.. converting into Islam is not "masuk melayu" being malay does not make you own the religion i know many Chinese, Westerners, Africans who has better sense of belonging and ownership towards the religion than many of us here.... and being of a different religion does not gives you the right to condemn mine nor do i have the right to deem you to hell... if only we could put our small minded biases aside and try to understand with an open mind.. i would really want to see a united Malaysia, one that really understands the importance of social understanding.. how it put a smile on my face every time there is a live telecast of some sporting event and Malaysians of different colors, ethnicity and religion sits together routing and hoping for the victory of this piece of land that i call home..

the first wish makes all my other wishes such as
wanting to go to higher limits in terms of my career,
having the love and trust of people that i love around me,
an iPhone 3Gs and
a Tod's day bag
(i know this last two items makes me soo shallow rite but hey im only human) seem so little and insignificant..

i pray, i hope and i wish that Ali, Ah Chong and Muthu will walk side by side for thousand years to come. insyallah.


♥ Renise said...

Happy birthday in advance :]

Megumi Shika said...

Good Luck turning 30! Wonderful years ahead for sure! ;)

"A mindset is a mind that has been set. To change it you have to crack it, pull the stuffing out, and fill in white cotton"


hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said...

Hey Baki,

I wish you all the best in your several wishes..yup..we will live in harmony for sure.. and 3GS? dun lar..wait for 4G..hehe

Chern Wern

大头虾萝卜 said...

happy birthday to u. thought of give u a bag as present but urs.....Tod's Beg?!!!opps...expensive LOL,sorry ^^

Anonymous said...

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faz_e said...

Hey Baki!
Suke dengan style baki! terbaek!

baguettequeen said...

You're a true Malaysian indeed.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for that day when we can openly joke about whatever issues that deemed as sensitive because I believe that's the true way of acceptance and embracing our fellow rakyat.

p/s: I'm loving your show! Keep up the good job & Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Just find out this blog.....Happy Belated Birthday.

You're true Malaysia.....

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Anonymous said...

salam baki,,

love your show indeed....!!