Thursday, July 02, 2009

"you called, MR President?"

Dont give up Baki Zainal
Baki "Why wont this ad work in saudi"?
ohh come on lar... lets face facts "how many more pigs do we have to kill before we realize its not their fault... baki
Baki Zainal ready to go into parlimen and raise the smokers rights issue
Health minister Dato' Sri Liow tiong lai and Baki Zainal

ok ok i didnt get a chance to see the prime minister but then jeng jeng jeng i got a chance to shoot with THE MINISTER OF HEALTH DATO' SRI LIOW TIONG LAI.. jeng jeng jeng jangan marahhhh.. wahhh i know i know its nothing to really shout about but hey his a cool dude and the man deserves an oscar wei.. he really does.. im off to K.T esok but will be back hopeully this weekend so to shoot with another very prominent malaysian.. lets just say the Queen of England would remember this chap.... more updates later.. see you all soon.. sesungguhnya baki zainal sayang kamu..

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