Sunday, March 01, 2009

new life, sad endings and many more..

last nite was a nite of many mixed emotions.. last night was the Gala Farewell to The Actors Studio Bangsar.... people who has come to know and loved the space came together for the last time last nite to say good bye to a very close friend.. i was sat in row D seat number 27. yes my final seat. the line up that performed last night hailed from the really talented well respected acts and 1 or 2 new acts that is familiar with calling those black walls home..

it was acery interesting evening filled with laughter , tears and at the same time not forgeting a huge splash of world renown dance acts.. it opened with a very warm little intro from both the datuk and datin.. then my sifu Douglas Lim work all of us up with his crazy antics and not holding back making it the best ever stand up that i have seen of him doing.. then came a bunch of talented mixed match guys that does not realize or they do that they are awesome when all of the 5 of them combine d. they bring the house down these dudes are known as the comeback kings.. there were many other performances by the Aswara dancers lead by joseph gonzales who performed a power packed true to its form traditional zapin dance.. Sutra was involved, the ever fab Lim Swee keong, Young kl singers and it closed with the fantastic performance of harith doing his antics and last but not least did an unplugged session with dougie as they serenaded 1 last time on that actual stage.. the performances was just near to perfect as all of them gave every single thing thay have and you could feel that theres just truth in their performance..

at the end of the performance everyone joined the curtain call to stand up and give our last good bye to the space.. it was a very dark moment as tears fell... seeing lights being brought down, signs, chairs being ripped out it broke many hearts... honestly i have only tasted 2 productions on that stage one being Tartuffe and the other Habeas Corpus and yet when i got into that space for the first time ever standing on that black floor i felt that i have finally made it and tasted the high of doing theater in malaysia... my first screw up on stage was also done on that stage.. and those moments followed me ever since.. every time i get into that space i feel comfort and i feel i belong.. i have never really seen eye to eye with Dato' Faridah but last night i took her hands and i said thank you.. i saw how strong her passion and love was for the very first time.. and i know she understands me when i uttered my thanks to her.. i felt blessed for i was given the chance to feel what i felt last night .. to experience the magic for the very last time in that surroundings... to everyone that has made my experience performing, watching performances or even stealing that fag right outside a special experience Baki Zainal would like to salute you and say thank you.. sesungguhnya baki zainal sayang kamu.. till we meet again .. insyaallah..


Anonymous said...

oh, u're a performer? What kind of act do you do??

Saya alien dari Marikh, Saya akan menakluki bumi. Muahahaha

Anonymous said...

awww...very touchin..but white fonts on black sakit mata laaa!!!

Anonymous said...

hai Abg Baki! mesti lupe dah kat Ayesha! :P peminat no.1 Azizi! hehe..