Monday, February 23, 2009

playing a bird, launching a star and everything else in between..

its 12.31am.. my body is dead tired but then my brains is still in over drive mode.. so yeah here i am typing away ... my current updated status on facebook is of me going back to acting.. yes well not that i have quit or away from it.. but in a more serious tone i have been hosting more than doing my acting gigs...
in the next 3 months i shall be practicing for both camera and stage.. yup you guys heard me right i shall be standing back on stage this coming May.. aduii yang best tu the run of this show falls on my birthday pulak tue..well the show that i have taken upon doing is a twist to a legend "Merong MahaWangsa" fuyoohhh.. yup read the line above carefully.. theres a twist to this beautiful legend.. for the first time ever yesterday i saw the script and yeah i said yes because i get to experiment in playing a bird.. yupppp ok im sure Alan dah pikir lain dah tue.. well if you guys want to know more then be sure to catch it in istana budaya this may ya...
im currently juggling getting ready for stage, being mentally prepared for a chinese drama (itu korang kene tunggu) and imparting my knowledge( cehhh macam master sifu konon berbual) basically teaching the ropes to some one thats gonna add on more color to the industry.. tapi im worried if what ever that i am passing down is good enough or sufficient for this person to use on his journey .. night after night i ask myself, day after day i still cant find that answer.. aduiii pening..
its gonna be a busy week ahead..

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