Saturday, March 28, 2009

mr siao 2 n off dyslexia

look at all that tiny feet..
the kids doing dikir barat.. they were really cute..
the cast auguste kwan, keng ku, rama, steve yap, elvana, alvin wong, tony liang, baki zainal.
script read in pantry rama, steve, elvana and baki zainal

baki zainal wondering bila nak balik nie..

Good morning.. its 4am in the morning i just got in bout 15 minutes ago from shoot. yup early mornings till late nights or shall i say even earlier mornings ..... aiyohh very tired but then its all good.. creative spirit running in between each and one of us.. the chemistry built among actors are just great and good production team just that we have to put in the extra hours to get the best results that everyone is looking for... Amir the character is going on fine and strong in fact to certain stages amir is getting too real.. man having to screw up a language that i have been trying to find tune for 28 years is really hard and now its sticking to it.. hahahahaha.. ohh ya i am the official coffee boy for the show hahahahaha as yeah i have to have my fix of starbucks thus why not get everyone theirs too ok lar i mean i dont treat them to starbucks but then i help everyone get their daily fix.. to a point i can memorize everyones order by heart now theres the green tea latte fans, then theres the coffee fans, and the frapp fans.. on a daily basis the cast contribute say rm150 to starbucks ikano for the 13 days now.
on thursday i was asked to host a charity event for the dyslexia center in ampang hilir.. it was their official opening by the YMM something from N9. the kids were so cute.. well there was some misunderstanding at first but then yeah everything went well and i am really passionate about this cause and i would want to work closer with them to spread the word about dyslexia and how one could over come it.. its really late.. i'll talk about it later.. need to be in the studio by 9am..
alhamdulillah syukur.. catch up with you guys later..

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