Wednesday, March 18, 2009

im trying to get my this blog to load the pictures but its taking ages and i have not much time.. hahahaha thats the problem with me aint it not much time... i know i have not written for some time.. lots of stuff went on lets do a fast recap as i have only 15 mins before abg deen fetches me to work..

the launch of Azizi Zakaria's career and MTV for "kamu semua".. cayarlar.. that went on very well alhamdulillah.. all the hard work and effort paid off on that day.. syukur.. i'll like to thank everyone who made that day happen and for all you who took time off to share that moment with us, sponsors, frens of the media and frens really terima kasih sesungguhnya baki zainal sayang kamu..

i have now started work and production for another 2 different production 1 being stage and the other on tv.. Nie Hao Mr Siao.. which is an in house NTV7 production is a comedy about a bunch of different characters wanting to learn mandarin.. alhamdulillah i get to work with 1 of my favorite local thespian Alvin Wong.. its just so fresh seeing him strut his magic and do wonders everytime the camera rolls.. beside alvin theres , the ever good looking steve yap (if only i could look half as good as he is when i reach his age), kee tuan chai, rama, auguste kwan(fame taiwan and hong kong soap hunk) and many more really talented people.. i feel blessed.. more pictures and story on that as i start shoot very soon.
theres Merong Maha Wangsa which i see so much potential in the play and bringing it on tour.. its really challenging and having to imagine and think like a bird is some what of a challenge that i shall try to overcome insyaallah you can go on to for more info..

then of course theres the other appearances and meetings and yes purchases i know i know.. i just got back from a spending spree at ikea, Jaspal and of course buying a G10 alone is already a spending spree.. giler wei i am a proud owner of a G10 wei.. i know ahhh alhamdulillah....

oh ya last but not least im sure by now i dah mempunyai ramai haters out there .. im sorry guys i was just telling the truth and giving my 2 cents worth of comments and advise for you to make it in this dog eat dog industry.. i once learned people who tells you only the things you want to hear is not worth keeping by your side but people who hurts your ear once and a while hold them near.. well guys i shall see you at the LEO IDOL 09 finals...

aite off to host Celebrity Chat now.. see you later.. and Thank you..



Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

you probably couldnt upload your pictures because its too big.

shrink it to around 100KB or less. bigger than that, it'll take forever to load anywhere online.

Anonymous said...

mah bruder now has a semi SLR Canon gilerrrr!!! :P taking pics in the region of >5MB... I wonder why x leh upload kan? :P hahaha