Monday, December 08, 2008

of rupiahs..bandung.. and living life on the fab lane

the highly awaited jakarta-bandung trip has finally came to an end.. yepp after months of planning and yes 5 days just came and went in an instant..

in KLIA cam whoring before flight

how can you visit indonesia without tasting their pride and joy J.CO ..

it was shall i say an interesting journey..

the ever beautiful Tangkupan Perahu

living life in the fab lane as i would call it.. with our luggage only arriving 48 hours later.. living amongs the rich and famous in indonesia and being treated like royal guest and of course how could i forget being nearly married off to one of my bandung relatives was just a few of the highlights thru out the trip
at tanter nur's house with nenek nani, tanter tini and the deligates from malaysia

alar alar konon cute lar tue

mbak natalia the super women of jakarta ..without her my jakarta trip would not have happened..

in the court yard of tanter nur's house

but i guess above it all i saw warmth and love being show cased and of course the beautiful indonesian hospitality waduhhh terima kaseh ya tanter tanter semua.. emangnya seribu tahun pun kayeknya gue enggak boleh bayarin dong...

the family in bandung...
i'll be uploading pictures from this trip hope you guys like it.. allrite peeps Selamat Hari Raya idul adha...

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