Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the year that was 2008

its the final day of 2008 and yes im blogging bit early cause i shall be working during the final hours of 2008 and so i might not be able to pen down my tots and feelingsss... hahahaha.. many things happened this year and alhamdullilah i have grown and matured in terms of life and career.. syukur.. again i cant stop but to thank the many people in my life and thus i have decided to not blog about the happenings of this year and yet dedicate this entry to all those who matters to me so here goes.

1. Mama
(thank you for putting up with me and for giving me your blessings in all that i have chosen to become.. i love you.)

2. Abang OG and Kak Anja
(thank you for everything and for being there to lend me support in many ways than 1.)

3. My family in Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand
(thank you for just being there and being a pillar cause knowing how much you guys care for me makes me stronger and sure of the decisions i make)

4. Alan Thoo
(thank you for being family outside of family and need i say more for all that we have gone thru this year. i am sure that we shall Rock! next year)

5.Adam, Amin, Alif, Alisya, Azizi, Zenny, Saban, Asyraf
(sesungguhnya gegal sayang you all semua.)

6. Hazlin, Geetha, Zeeka
(thank you for understanding and knowing how important everything is to me)

7. Sue, Sharen, Shel, Far, Clyde, Elina Harith
(thank you for being)

and to everyone that has been supporting my goals, my visions and my beliefs with out all of you i would not be able to be ME.

but above all to YOU for you who granted me all i have today and all i shall be tomorrow.

Sesungguhnya Baki Zainal Sayang kamu.

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