Wednesday, December 24, 2008

producing mtvs, lion club and much more.

was at the LEOLYMPICS in ipoh.. im now a LIONS club ipoh metro honorary member.. hahaha and above is a picture of the digicelebriteens rocking the house at the closing ceremony.. love the picture with the whole tree background..
now i have constantly been hearing about the ANDERSON school band from my bro Alan Thoo so finally at the event i got to see and hear them for the first time..
these band boys from ANDERSON deserves a huge pat on the back for their dedication cause it was scorching hot on that day and they had to stand still without moving.. man kalau i was in their shoes i would melt by now... cayar lar keep it up ANDERSON boys..
Azizi Zakaria and Eddie and his BBoys right after Azizi's MTV shoot which Orange Potato produced.. MTV shall be hitting the TV channels soon....

man.. as usual its been a hectic week.. heres some pictures of what i have been up to since i last wrote..(humm if i have that canon that i have been eyeing i might just have more pictures for you guys tapi yelarkan tak dapat lagi harap harap santa baca my entry and i get one soon hahahahahaha)

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