Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The StarWalk, Scratching Armpits and 1 in a million 3

ohh man i am still not recovered from the lag that is bandung and yes my work brings me traveling again(cewah lag sangat lar bandung tue kan, tapi serious tak larat k).. im not bitching about it cause its for work and of course i travel with a bunch of really fun people who else but penulis lirik dan jugak composer hebat Alan thoo...
this time around i was in penang for The Starwalk.. yup its a yearly event where nearly the whole of penang (kecuali abang yang goreng ayam kat line clear nasi kadar) would participate in. yes. they get up as early as 4am and be at the starting line as early as 6am and they then walk 10km and they receive a cert plus a chance to participate in a lucky draw. sounds like fun doesnt it?( sebenarnya macam tak masuk akal lar kan bangun awal awal mcm tue dan bersusah payah berebut berebut tapi apa apa pun ia hidup sihat dan cergas)... and for you out there who are thinking what is baki doing walking the mile well babes you know me too well.. i didnt walk but then i was there to lend my support to the whole event by emceeing for the concert and variety show before the prize giving.. (im not gonna touch on the event kerana sungguhlar tak teratur) but above all a big salute to all you penang people who took part in the walk cayarlar!!
one of the digicelebriteens Saban took part in 1 in a million punya auditions and sadly he did not make it to top 12 but he was really close... when i found out i nearly cried cause i know how talented and how much this means to him but tular seperti mana org tua tua cakap belum ada rezeki... when its yours it shall be yours..

abang believes in you.. you are a shinning star that 1 day will get his chance to shine brighter and stronger.. but shinning star dont let the dark cold nights burn you out of your shine.. if deep0 down you believe and want insyallah HE shall give it to you..

ok peeps, gotta get to bed now have to be up early tomorrow have many things to do and wish me luck in scoring azizi a venue ya.

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