Wednesday, November 26, 2008

im back!!!

oh man the past few weeks have been really fun and hectic.. the normal traveling down south, up north and side ways for work, my best friends wedding took place, many birthdays and many more little fun events that i attended. as usual i did not get to take many pictures.. hint hint hint anyone wants to buy me a canon camera hahahahahaha...

lets talk about hazlins wedding, there were many up and downs during the whole preparation part but above all the bottom line was that it was beautiful and because of that im now in love with this indonesian song "sempurna" check it out guys. its just soo beautiful. you must be wondering what does that song have to do with hazlins wedding well, the ever creative and brilliant photographer "Ayda Khamalrudin" (next to kid chan ok) did a montage for her nikah and it had pictures of hazlin, geetha and i laughing and sharing our moments and on top of that she lined it with that song and it was just so sweet (ok baki's gonna start to cry again) i promise that i would post up some of those beautiful pics once i get a copy. im looking forward for the day that saif (hazlins hubby), hazlin, lina, geetha and i grow old.. cause by then i do hope that we could relish all these good memories.

geetha, hazlin and baki

today, i attended Chelsia Ng's birthday at Kiehls Pavillion (lucky girl) n yes i came back with more products if you guys are asking hahahahahahaha i now have the traveling set and im loving the bio peel(im trying to convert everyone in using Kiehls)

im soo happy to see chelsia where she is now.. congrads girl!!!!! the girl from penang is here to stay!!

the next few days will be really pack for me.. finalizing azizi's mtv, photo shoot, and emceeing for world aids day(some more free of charge k cause its for charity) im really hoping that all of you could come and lend your support to this cause and learn more about it and eradicate all the stereotype general biases that we have build around this matter lets show our support ..

and of course packing for jakarta.. cant wait for all that and more to come.

from the past few weeks it makes me believe so much more that i am blessed in so many ways.. i have soo many people that loves me and theres always hope out there and that i have a beautiful life.. thank you guys!!!
i better go to bed now, i'll try to write after coming back from jakarta k. but before i say nite nite, happy birthday to badrul for after six, chelsia ng and congratulations to mr and mrs sharifuddin.. sesungguhnya baki zainal sayang kamu semua..

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