Wednesday, July 16, 2008


i really dont understand, some people have very limited PR skills.. its like dont they understand the difference between ayat perintah and ayat tanya? wahhh giler lar gua tak aleh aleh bertatabahasa... anyways yeah it really irritates me when someone commands me, when to a fact that even my ma DOES NOT DO THAT. arghhhh... sorry babes you want things done you ask properly or else kiss good bye to it. i aint gonna do it...
it looks like i have to reschedule my trip to aussie... maybe next year ehhhh.. so now its focusing on jakarta and bandung.. its such a malay thing to do kan? jakarta and bandung... but then the idea of becoming a millionaire again is hummm tasty.. ive contacted mbak natalia and mas zaki so really cant wait to see them.. after official stuff then its time to splurge baby splurge.. oh ya have to ask mbak natalia bout the train and stuff.. before that have to get my hands on that camera.. after using that my current camera falls short like really short. hahahahaha
talking bout buying stuff humm i dont know why but currently i am looking into buying myself a pick-up yeah you heard me right one of those 4W drives. either a toyota, nissan, ford or infact even a isuzu... dont ask me why ok.. it just one of those things.. its not like i even wanna go into the jungle or anything like that.. its like down town urban usage. so anyone of you out there who knows of a good price be it brand new or second hand(good condition ya) buzz me..
aite.. am now gonna try and figure out how am i gonna tidy this place up.

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