Wednesday, July 09, 2008

:Hui Hao De:

im falling asleep... its that time of the day that my eyes just gets heavy and closing it fells like a really bad burn...... but i have to write.. i wanna write giler lu its been like way long since i last wrote.. the last time was at the end of joshua's tapes. now its been a while..
lots of stuff happened. heathers went off to shanghai for a stint with daniel wu... wow..the ever drama of E&B you know who you are (very the holiday)... i grew closer to the celebriteens, juliana ibrahim is happily married congratulations, shel is in hospital after the accident thank god everything is allrite for both mother and son... and life goes on for me.. people mellow down and mature.. i was thinking to myself while interviewing zahid from AF about how everything seems evident when you grow up and accept everything thats given to you.. and yet only now am i seeing the see saw and the swings on this playground and i have yet to try the sandbox. hahahahaha i know how i am gonna get lost in that...
i am missing shoot, yes i am... the fact that im working non stop on a project.. yeah i mean now i am working too but the thing is that for that period of time i am working on 1 single project and the object is to deliver your fullest on that one project... humm im not making sense am i its not like i dont focus on my other projects...hahahaahahahahah
ok you know what before i spin out of control, im gonna stop now and head of for a shower coz i need to be in a studio soon to help Iz sulaini on his mandarin track... boy has soo much talent.. i am proud of him i really am.. so be sure to catch his new single :Hui Hao De: soon ya.. ok off i go now. chao guys..

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