Tuesday, July 15, 2008



ok guys if any of you have came across this hamster or have any news on it. please come forth or call me. she has been missing for the past 2 days.... she was last seen in the hall in her little running ball.
for the past couple of days it was really family infused time.. i drove up to ipoh to send my che sarah plus princess vomited in the car on kak anja. hahahaha that was a sight to behold man.. but lets keep it clean.. the drive back and forth was really tiring cause i had to make sure that my uncle was tailing right behind me cause if not well then he might just get lost.
i spoke to alan yesterday about how i splurged on expensive bathroom rug from british india that did not make sense at all to own but at that moment of time it made alot of sense yes it did.. i nearly bought bed sheets and duvet covers and all things british india yesterday. but then allthou i was blinded on the rugs but certain part of my logic still worked and i opt not to get the other stuff.. why? what is wrong with me? oh man you know what i know what i really need at this moment. i need a GF yes i do.. someone that could take my focus away from shopping.. of course she cant be a shoperholic too....
anyways gonna continue looking for me hamster now. talk later.

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Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

eh you dont need gf lah.
i'm here what.
but then again, we might just shop till we drop so yeah, i think you do need a gf.