Tuesday, July 29, 2008

malam 7 drama duri

tonight lin asked me out to catch a malay theater performance in DBP stor. when i found out that the performance was a STEFANI performance i said yes. now for you who do not know STEFANI it is a theater group lead by the ever talented Fauziah Nawi. i've always wanted to see them perform live but never really had the chance so i grabbed the chance and went..
the show opened with a group of new actors doing a skit which was ok. but then when it progressed to a piece called "pukul" on wards it was just electrifying.. the actors from there forth were sincere and not acting.. they were bearing their soul for the audience and letting them into another realm all together. the actor in "ayam sabung" deserves a mentioning.. his ability to live the moment and to be truthful to the audience is just wow.. he earned every single tear that he shed and the tears that the audiences shed with him.. kudos.
Fauziah Nawi herself was remarkable.. telling a story and engaging the audience with her.. she is a true actress.. i stood infront of her just star struck (baki zainal does not get star struck that simple k) she just was beaming with this air of brilliance .. that i bow down in the form of respect.. whatever thats said if you guys have the time do catch the show before it ends this weekend..cayar lar STEFANI

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Anonymous said...

hello baki zainal..
tq 4 the support..
pukul jangan tak pukul..!