Saturday, July 12, 2008


"this is your journey, and its gonna be your last one. i am letting you go. and thats the way it should be...."the joshua's tape....

wah wah wah... semalam kite berdansa... ok last night was the official joshua's tape wrap party.. can you believe it we have wrapped the production.. now tinggal post productions.. i got to take a peak at the first trailer and dont know why i went all emo about it.. it was a short 30 seconds trailer and i could some how see my whole 3 weeks flash by.. and the weirdest part of it all is that the whole 3 weeks seemed like a lifetime.. it seems like reza has lived that long...
i read some where that when an actor takes up a character he travels thru the characters life journey and learn the lessons of the character.. woww it never came across to me that i would feel that bond with reza and learn his lesson and bring forth with me his emotions.
at the party the director and the script writer got slosh.. hahahahaha but i got to hear words that i was one way or the other looking for while i was living reza.. i know they were drunk but then they say drunk men tell no lie.. they are no chris jacobs but then they were sincere.
honestly speaking 2 months ago when i made that call to my fren priya and benji then finally seeing that script.. it never really came to mind that i would be this affected by it. yes there was bits of hiccups at the starting line both on my end and the productions end. i thank god for not letting me walk away from this project.. cause i would have to say that i not just meet up with a bunch of dedicated, artistic people who i have now made friends with. i quench a thirst and desire in me to act but above all i learned a very important lesson which Reza.
so to everyone on joshua's tape please accept my humble thank you..
See you at the premier..

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