Sunday, April 06, 2008


tonight was the official opening of Wendys malaysia and yes i had to have a taste of it.. yumm yumm... i had the burgers.. it was not as heavenly as i wanted it to be but yeah it was still good.. hahaha..
the past week has been hectic with all the activities going on much on the preparation of heading to the islands ohh man it really burst my pockets i could not believe how i could burst 4k within the last week( well actually i could)
as officially today i now have a maid yes i now have a maid that would just take care of my laundry and of course my room and my welfare( hahahaha we had this conversation my brother and i of the maid issue and how our little house would now have 2 maids.) she is hard working so yeah y not.
im off to alor star on monday for RAP and then ipoh, im so happy for my friend.. i am indeed.. theres so much and yet so little that i could write on this entry.. have to start looking for more stuff or else next month would be bit more empty then i want it to be.. am i demanding too much these days or am i just stating what is rightfully mine.. i dont know. insyaallah everything should turn out fine.. it should..
you can say i am full of insecurities and yet i am strong.. i believe that what is rightfully mine should be mine and yes i shall strive hard for what i believe in.. nite all

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