Monday, April 07, 2008


my island gear
hey i still have to go on camera when i get back.. prevention is better than cure
humm lets see if i get to finish all that

i baki zainal, take this oath that i shall not purchase anymore items that shall contribute to my trip to perhentian this coming thursday..(unless of course i find that really cool cowboy straw hat that would go so well with the other stuff that i have bought).. the amount that i have spent for this couple of days has just been really scary.. everyday just seemed to be a good excuse to checck out the sale or the new items in quicksilver or some dive shop somewhere and every single purchase is justified with the idea that i am going for this trip and yes it is ok to splurge on ones self as it has been sometime since one last did so(dont lie)
hahaha oh man, i should be asleep by now its 12.30am and i have say 4 hours to sleep if i catch my shut eye at 1am as i have to be in the airport at 6am which means i would have to leave the house at 5,30am latest as to catch my flight to Alor Setar and its a day trip.. im so used to this lifestyle now that i guess by september i should be able to earn myself enough enrich points to fly to melbourne for free... hahahaha..after which i am off to ipoh for a daily job yes i am..
oh man i am really into going off to the islands yes i am ive got my beach gear checked (courtesy of quicksilver,nike, havannahs) skincare (banana boat and lancome/ i have to take care of my skin i amgoing on air again right after i come back to kl) and books to read and wordpuzzles (courtesy of OMG and Borders)..
with full excitement, dreading work mood and a hole in the pocket.. i shall try to lay my self to sleep and catch up with you laters.. will try to blog before i leave.. nites


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

oi gila. mana aku punya lancome moisturizer? beach beg dah beli? huhuhu. alasan lagi nak pegi shopping!! yeeehaaa !!

Baki Zainal said...

aku dah jumpa.. beg ikea yang mantap tak payah buang duit yeah yeah...(sebenarnya takde masa nak shopping)

Sin Hui Jing =) said...

baki! its jing ere fm digi celbriteen.last met u in seremban for the Shanghai nite thingy;) hwv u been!?!??!? doin well in ur career? do u hv friendster o facebook? so i wont lose contact with a talented guy lik u;)

take good care aight!