Sunday, April 06, 2008

she taught me how

shot cantik, i took that ahahahahaha macam kid chan
tai tai lighting up ciggie with matches humble sikit kan
practice lepak future apartment ala ala brothers and sisters

hurray!! i finally now know how to save pictures using my mac yes yes.. it was Zeeka who taught me how to.. yes thats the girl in the picture above( thanks to jom bali, ikea and canon)

now let me tell you a bit about this chick, she is one of those people that i would go out of the way for cause i guess she knows me although we have only known each other since uni years and yes even so i am old those years were not that far away..hahaha(thats what i like to think) she has been there supporting me in many ways then she would even know.. she has kept me sane in my state of insanity hahahaha.. not many people can take my over whelming lifestyle yes yes i know i can be difficult.. but in all that she has been there and of course the ability to take each others tai tai lifestyle.. ahahahaha..

after numerous breakfast, train sessions and car cock up sessions.. she is definitely a keeper yes she is.. even so if she wants to get rid of me hey sister that aint gonna ever work.. i have a hand full of such people in my life and she is one of them.. ok dont go and tell her those pictures were also taken from her blog hahahaha.. thanks zeek for walaupun kau keji tak bawakkan aku cupcakes tapi aku masih sayang ko.. muah..

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