Wednesday, April 16, 2008

beautiful perhentian..

mama and me on perhentian
yummy mango
my first baracuda

the cool yummy bar..

finally the much awaited trip has come to an end(wont say i am really happy bout it but at the same time i'm bit sad too) it was a magical, tiring, calming family orientated 5 days. it started on a high note with an eager crowd checking into the resort.. thats it die die i have to do something before abang og sampai pulau.. humm yelar giler dah sampai pulau cantik cantik takkan lar aku nak mandi itik kat tepi pantai jer kan. soo scuba diving it was wahh intro to scuba. hahhh best giler its a total new world down there filled with little fishy(just keep swimming, swimming, swimming) and of course if you reach perhentian korang kener lar try the mango shake in b'first bar on perhentian besar.. i tell you its the bomb.. imagine sitting on the beach looking out at the horizon under the hot sun while sipping this freshly blended mango, milk and ice.. arghh im in heaven..
jeng jeng jeng.... on the 2nd day i had an attack which till now i still cant point out the cause but its this painful sensation in my chest that seems like its been blocked and i cant breath.. apa lagi selepas aku menjadi biru(itu satu penipuan, aku dah lar gelap sun tan lagi macam mana nak turn biru kan) i was rushed to the nearby hospital in a boat late at night ala ala baywatch.. hahhh mengikut pakar disana seorang nurse yang berbaju tidor tweety kalau aku tak sampai awal maksudnya tue lagi drama "artist mati dipulau kerana terlebih minum manggo shake" wahhhh.. glam tak glam.. but everything went well she managed to bring me to life(jgn pandang baju tweety, tweety tweety pun terror tau)
wow the third day has been the most fun and happening day, i swam with turtle, found paradise lost, gateway to heaven, caught my first baracuda and selar papan..and above all relaxed and recuperate as how i wanted..
yang teristimewanya i did all this with people that i cared for and loved no one else people that mattered most to me which is my family.. for them every penny spent and used is worth it. ive always said that i dont get to share my travels and findings with my family as its always been on working trips that i venture out and experience.. this time around shared that is important.